Cabin Kits Galore is a family business which started in NSW over 13 years ago. We now have just about installed in all corners of Australia and will go just about anywhere to build cabins. Based in Sydney, it has endeavoured to serve the people of Australia, no matter what part they reside.

Backyard Cabins

For those looking for a way to use that extra space, for that extra someone.


Make the most out of your prime location with the installation of a perfect, and profitable weekend getaway.


For whatever you need, whenever you need it. The multi-purpose nature of cabins means the options are endless.

They are lovable, jovial, and most importantly, professional. Our team is a vibrant mix of youth and experience and our aim is to provide not only a wonderful cabin, but a respectful work environment. All our installers are licensed carpenters

  • Cabin Kits Galore, 386 Victoria Road, Gladesville NSW
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